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UML 2.0 Praxisbuch
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Object Management Group
DUnit Testing
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Project Management

InterBase Knowledge
Smart ObjectPascal WebTool
UML V-Modell/Hermes
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Support in IT-Security
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tec training, engineering & consulting

Modified: 09.10.2014
Programming «OP» in maXbox3!

Mobile Development with Script Engine V3.9
«Start Programming in a Case Study»

Rails: 57 Years TEE
Machines of Trans Europ Express in Time and Space »
Application Loader OpenSSL Support, DWS V1.9
UML Training 2014
Course includes 2 Day-Workshop with case study and alike diagrams.
Topics are Patterns and Refactoring


CODESIGN with FreePascal
Sound, stable, typesafety and powerful software with ObjectPascal.
Publikationen 08-2012
Das SOA Pattern RemoteDataService einsetzen und mit avERP Open Source ERP ausbauen. Entwickler Serie mit OpenLDAP, OpenSSL, OpenVPN und OpenGL, Tutorials Start with Programming 2010
Client Server is back to the Native
C/S Framework with InterBase ClientDataSets; A Programingmodel with the topics of Documanagement, Blobs UD Functions and Web Access.
SOA Cells with VCL
Software Architectur in a class based service layer and a physical tier pattern...


swisstrains und GPS
Maps, GPS and Delphi
rothen ecotronics
Webdesign, Teaching and Database Backed Websites
Pascal Game World
Pascal Gamer Magazine is a free Source of Game Programming
swiss delphi center
Developer's Knowledge Base
Delphi 3000
All about ObjectPascal and a well based Portal Forum
Lazarus 1.2.4 and FreePascal 2.6.4
Free Pascal is a 32/64 bit Pascal compiler. Available for different processors: Intel x86, Amd64/x86_64, PowerPC, PowerPC64, Sparc, ARM!
Lazarus is a Delphi compatible cross-platform IDE for Rapid Application Development.
PascalPower &
softpedia award

UML Buch 


Tool of 2014: Delphi XE7 for Win32, OS X, 64-bit

Quote of the net: Shrinking mankind to 1:87, would solve energy problem by model railroad...Slow down!

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